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WWF Totebags

I designed illustrations based on 3 different animals that are on the WWF endangered species list to raise awareness for them.

Spring Flower Prints

Flowers are one of my favorite things to draw, and I'm always looking for different ways to include natural elements into my art practice. That is why I created a repeating flower pattern using several types of flowers common in Japan during springtime.

Everyday Items

These mock ups showcase the illustration based patterns that I created.  They each incorporated traditional and digital elements, where 3 out of the 4 patterns were made using ink and markers, and one was made entirely in Photoshop. Each mockup displays a product used in everyday life, such as beds, pillows, and bags with an aquatic theme to each.

Chocolate Wrapper Designs

For this project, I created 3 separate line art illustrations for chocolate wrappers. I designed one for white, milk, and dark chocolates with a minimum of 2 colors for the color palette. My design process for this project was more spontaneous, and I jumped right into the drawing process without any specific design in mind. I knew that I wanted the images to have elements of nature in them, and I wanted to include adorable animals interacting within a cartoon-like world.

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