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Rebecca Oliveira

Artist Bio

I am an artist currently living in the Greater Boston Area and studying at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I will graduate this May with a BFA in Illustration, and with a Minor in Animation.

The various pieces of art that I have done revolves around the themes of nature, surrealism, fantasy, human nature, and sometimes, religion. My art ranges from the abstract, and other times it takes on the form of inspiration based off my favorite books and movies. Oftentimes, my inspiration will come from the world around me, and certain memorable moments in my life that I have gone through. I like to create art from the heart. The mediums I use vary, since I like to combine traditional and digital techniques. They include digital images and illustrations created using Photoshop and Procreate, book covers, watercolor, found paper for collaging and assemblage, ink and animation. If I’m not drawing, I love to read stories.

Artist Statement

My work stands in the realm of book covers, character designs, collages, illustrations, patterns, and pre-production storyboards within animation. There is a lot of variety within my work. My book covers explore the themes that revolve around human nature, specifically strong feminine characters who have overcome great obstacles of suffering, becoming powerful leaders within their own stories. The collages that I’ve made consist of found materials to convey spontaneity, while incorporating whimsical mark making.

Of The Same Earth.jpg
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